Meet Andrea

Hi, I´m Andrea

I’m a Holistic Health & Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer.

Heavy weight lifting and slow, gentle Yin Yoga.

Steak and a green smoothie.

Vegan to carnivore. I get it.


Director of an international NGO then a homeschooling nomad in Panama.

I’m a mama to two incredible no-longer-so-little people and more recently we’ve added a furry ball of love named Luna.


You know how you want to feel but just aren’t getting to it.

You are looking for some guidance and accountability in a non-judgemental and potentially funny envrionment.


I like to shake things up, though each time I come back to the basics.

To encourage simplicity.


I do this work because I absolutely believe in it.
Like you, I’ve tried to get around the work involved but really, who are we kidding?

I’m in this to support whatever your best you is.

I love a good puzzle and know that every individual body’s right choices for movement, food and lifestyle is a mysterious sweet spot.


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