Benefits of training with a coach/trainer for an hour

I’m all for efficiency, but the reason you work with a trainer at all is often to do the things that you wouldn’t do on your own.  

Having a fitness professional in your life, working for an entire hour together at the intervals that fit your lifestyle, goes beyond accountability, we program in the “right” elements to keep your fitness and confidence level high and your body injury free.

  1. Get warmed up
    In the excitement/dread of exercise, we often don’t give our bodies or minds the time to arrive fully at the gym and jump right into our training routine without getting the muscles ready to workout which,can contribute to injury/strain.
  2. Work on mobility and flexibility
    Depending on your individual needs, your trainer should include some mobility and flexibility training before and/or after your resistance training sessions.
  3. Defining appropriate rest between reps or sets
    There are a myriad of options that we modify in your exercise program including: intensity, time, tempo, high/low reps, heavy/light weights
  4. We’re watching you
    I’m not just counting reps, I’m sure that there’s an app for that
    I’m watching your form, listening for your breath, noticing when your stance or posture isn’t serving you, picking up when it’s time to increase your weights, signs that are hard to auto-monitor

Increased body awareness
Many factors contribute to our lack of connection with our bodies, sedentary lifestyle, lack of coordination among others.  By working the whole body with a trainer, using muscles that you don’t normally use, you experience your body in a different way, contributing to better posture in the gym and in daily life.

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